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Book #9 HereName: HEARTSTOPPER (Volume-4)Author: Alice Oseman Charlie and Nick have to Spend a good time in Paris and during that journey, Nick realised that Charlie is going through some issues mentally. And also Nick father comes into the picture, who doesn't quite know about Nick and Charlie. And also Charlie declares about their relation... Continue Reading →


Book #8 HereName : Heartstopper (Volume 3)Author: Alice OsemanCharlie opens up to his Family about his relation with Nick! And they also open up with some of their friends too. Some Very close people in and out of their circle also finds out about them. Then the annual School Trip comes around that brings a... Continue Reading →

Wrath Of KAAL

Book #8 HereName: Wrath Of KAALAuthor: Mohit Chawla People who have a grudge towards any animal or even remotely thinking of hurting any creature other than humans then beware and refrain yourself from doing so, Because if you did and he came to know about it, which he will, then You will be a victim... Continue Reading →


Book #7Name : HEARTSTOPPER (Volume 2)Author: Alice OsemanGenre: Romance, Graphics Novel, LGBTQ+ etc A little recap!! We have a 10th grader Charlie falls for Nick who is an 11th grader, Nick Some how persuades Charlie to join the Rugby Team and that's the start of the Friendship, or Will this friendship leads to something.. This... Continue Reading →


Book #6 Here!! Name : HEARTSTOPPER (Volume 1) Author: Alice Oseman Genre: Romance, Graphics Novel, LGBTQ+ etc "Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. An LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between." Alice Oseman was someone who I didn't know before stumbling upon this masterpiece, now that... Continue Reading →

Dev Vrat and Noble Ghost!

Book #13 of 2021 Book: Dev Vrat And Noble Ghost Author: Dr Sanjay Sharma Genre: Children's Adventure, Sci-fi Thriller For Kids. Those days, when we run from our schools to reach home as soon as possible so that we don't miss our favourite shows or animated shows, those good old golden days, That's What I... Continue Reading →

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