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Friendship to Love..

I: Friendship…… A  new at the class,I was a bit worried,The test of novel friendship, would I pass?Thinking this, to my seat, I hurried. At class, a cute, sweet and loving girl I met with,I could hear my heart beating faster than ever!The 12 year old boy mistook the feeling for friendship,Realizing years later as... Continue Reading →

Six Year Old These Days..

Many times you come across people whom you never intend to make teachers… but their footprints are left behind… and we learn lessons unnoticed… Yesterday I had been out for a walk… the gentle breeze of the evening was pretty mesmerising. I had reached the city park… a joyful place to spend time… children playing.... Continue Reading →

Her beautiful eyes….

Train journey has never been such beautiful. All thanks to her beautiful eyes. It was a crowded train. A bhajan group who were busy praising Durga Maa occupied most of the seats. And they were so loud that even Linkin Park from my head phone lost to them. I was standing amidst them with no place... Continue Reading →

Yearning You……

Oh ! How I miss you! Those thick lashesengulfed around…beautiful twin of sparks. I simply cannot speakringing sounds of sweet laughteras good as a magic spell. Words ceaseTo convey my feelingsYour image is what I only know now. Nothing  irritated me moreNone so upsettingThan Your distance No longerI can keep going this wayas Your hugs... Continue Reading →

Would it be OK?…..

Would it be ok to look at you till the end of time? Would it be ok to see your eyes glowing at happiness?Would it be ok to empathize when your eyes are watery?Would it be ok to see you in dreams?Would it be ok to meet your eyes?Would it be ok to read them?Would... Continue Reading →


Ate from the same plate,Jumped on the same bed,Happy and sad times,Saw us together. Wore same clothes,Fought same fights,Stood by each other,The days and nights. No matter how grown we are,How far we are,Minds will never be apart,WE never turns I. My hands always aid the you in need,You’Ll always be in my heart,Something I... Continue Reading →

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