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About Me

Let’s Get Acquainted

Hello Folks, a warm welcome to a sweet little place, The place I use for expressing my thoughts about my reading.
My Name is Akhil Pillai, I am a person who has born with an unending TBR list.
This is the space where I share my thoughts about those reading Pile.
You can expect Book Reviews, Book Recommendations, Author Interviews, Short stories, My writings etc etc.

So, practically anything and everything in reading or bookish!
When you work with me, you’ll find that I’m easygoing, paying close attention to detail, sticks to deadlines and always working with keeping you and your brand in mind!!
So roam around and have a good look and still feel like you want me to contact me!! I would be more than happy!

A writer only begins a book, a reader finishes it.

Eloquently said by Sameul Johnson

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