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Book #9 Here
Name: HEARTSTOPPER (Volume-4)
Author: Alice Oseman

Charlie and Nick have to Spend a good time in Paris and during that journey, Nick realised that Charlie is going through some issues mentally. And also Nick father comes into the picture, who doesn’t quite know about Nick and Charlie. And also Charlie declares about their relation to his parents also Nick helps him to fight Charlies mental health issues
What exactly Charlie is dealing with, How exactly they will fight it? and What will the family and Friends help them with these things? To find answers to all these questions Please Pick your Copy from here.
Now again this book is a little different from the previous volumes, and that is this book has a different tone, than the previous volumes.
Previous books had these cute little teenagers kind of vibe, be it romance or even friendship is concerned it was a pretty cute vibe, but this book takes a 180-degree turn and it talks about how mental health is important and books turn out to be the mature one.
There are few friends and their support to the couple, the family also helps them to fight it, Moreover the couple they stayed together in the fight, and if we want to know whether they overcame that or not please grab your copy.
Now let me be honest, I am an advocate of having good mental health, even if you facing a slight problem please take help of professional no doubt in that, But was this necessary in this book? I am not sure. Now I have not read any other work by Alice Oseman, Maybe she has this motto of making people aware of mental health through her book, but I strongly feel that introducing this topic in these times was a very strategic move. Like we all have been locked down in our home for nearly two years now, and our mental health has taken a toll, we all are doing our best to keep ourselves sane. So I personally think that was the case. I may be wrong, these are just my personal opinion, please correct me if I am wrong
Thus, to Conclude we get to know a mature side of the relation and the Book has ended in a cliffhanger, my god can’t wait for the 5th volume to release just to find what exactly had happened. Till Then please grab your copy and indulge yourself in this awesome world of love.

11 thoughts on “HEARTSTOPPER (Volume 4)

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  1. So its Charlie and Nick story centering one of the most talked topic of the time mental health. The review is short but you still penned down a lovely summary of the book which is commandable

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  2. I was looking for a series that would be a different light read. I’m glad that you have suggested this. Will try to read it soon. Thank you

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  3. You mentioned about the author depicting the topics keeping mental health as the basics. So I think I must pick this and others too who need to convery their souls with the notion of mental health. I hope everyone will find your post wonderful like me. 😊

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  4. Aah and its finally here the next edition. I must say I am growing fond of these series just by your narrative. And still want this to be filmed into a tv show though, that will be a wonder to watch.

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