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Book #8 Here
Name : Heartstopper (Volume 3)
Author: Alice Oseman
Charlie opens up to his Family about his relation with Nick! And they also open up with some of their friends too. Some Very close people in and out of their circle also finds out about them. Then the annual School Trip comes around that brings a whole new adventure and Nick discovers something is wrong with Charlie. What’s that?? How was their trip to Paris? What happens to them in Paris? Who are the new Friends and Who all Comes out to be open about their relations?? To find answers to all these Please read this book From Here.
Writing Style and Artistic details about these series have been discussed even before, so I am not wasting much time saying those same things again. It is as brilliant as the previous ones.
One thing I realized after reading this volume is that, It is very difficult to come out about your orientation to others, But it is Equally Difficult to be open about a relation, even if you have come out. Here The difficulty they face to come out as a couple to their parents or some friends, made me realize it.
New Characters come along in these volumes, Now these additions did not only make the main characters adjust to the storyline, but also a gentle education to the readers more about the community. I liked that style of education rather than one person explaining all the anomalies we have different characters who are at different stages in their life of coming out as an LGBTQ+ person, this is a better way of doing that I liked that.
This Volume gave me an insight that age doesn’t matter too, some realize in their teens then some realizes in their thirties and that is fine completely.
The Other thing I noticed after reading this book is that it is a walk towards memory lane. The anxiousness and the fantasy of a teenage romance is something we all have been through or some you must be going through it, thus I would like to thank the author for taking me through that.
Thus, this addition to the storyline is a pretty good step, Now I am intrigued to know more and more about Nick and Charlie’s life.
Please Grab your Copy from here to have this wonderful experience that I am having.

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  1. That’s a nice detailed review.. I was looking for a read that will give me a different experience. This seems to be a perfect one… thank u for sharing

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  2. Ohooo I see, I commented on your second post first which was the third volume of this same book. But it’s a pleasure to know this book in much more detail. The relationship problem I think is too well -potratyed in this book. Kudos đź‘Ś

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  3. I have never read a book of the kind in a long while but I have been following your reviews on the heart stopper and I already want this series to be transcribed into TV show. P.S waiting for the next edition

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