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Wrath Of KAAL

Book #8 Here
Name: Wrath Of KAAL
Author: Mohit Chawla

People who have a grudge towards any animal or even remotely thinking of hurting any creature other than humans then beware and refrain yourself from doing so, Because if you did and he came to know about it, which he will, then You will be a victim to WRATH OF KAAL.

Wrath of KAAL is a thriller penned by Mohit Chawla, the Story is about Kabir, an animal lover who turns into this serial Killer and hunts down whoever hurts any four-legged creature and let them taste their own medicine. Will He Succeed in his mission?? Or the law of the land comes in between? or Will he finds a way out from that too?? To find answers to all these please grab a copy of the same from here

Let me get straight to the point, this is one of the fastest books I have read lately, it’s only 188 pages long, it’s quick and thrilling as a thriller should be. So kudos to the author for that effort.
That was about Writing, Story too had the sense of grip into it. I mean times when I was not reading the book, that was the only thing in my mind, that shows how interesting the plot is.
There was a couple of things Which I didn’t like in the book though, Firstly Characters are not well Developed I mean none of the character and their deeds can be justified by us just because we don’t know them that well, and next thing I didn’t like was the love interest of the main character and the romance between them was just brushed. Yes, I understand this is not a romantic book, it’s a thriller story and romance doesn’t stand a place here, but if that was the case then it shouldn’t have been introduced at all, if you are addressing a love interest a reader would expect some romance or even a moment, this book lack that.

So if you are animal lover and you want a quic read adressing that love then, Wrath of KAAL is perfect book, Its fast, thrilling and full of Suspence

I would rate it 3/5.

14 thoughts on “Wrath Of KAAL

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  1. Its is a pretty quick read!!! I mean…. If i was reading this in one sitting..i would have finished it in 2.5 hours .. considering my reading speed!!!


  2. Wow what an interesting concept. I like animals and would never hurt them. This sounds like a really good book if you read it so quickly and couldn’t put it down.


  3. I’m an animal lover… I love them sk I guess this will definitely be an interesting read for me… thanks for sharing


  4. With the word Kaal I got confused. Presently I read a book on this. So I thought may be it’s an another volume. But yes I am complete wrong. This book makes me think that this gonna be bomblasting. A must read for all. ❤️

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  5. Lacking developments in characters make a book bland. From the rating, I don’t think I will pick that up. Thanks for your honest take on the book.

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