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Book #7
Name : HEARTSTOPPER (Volume 2)
Author: Alice Oseman
Genre: Romance, Graphics Novel, LGBTQ+ etc

A little recap!! We have a 10th grader Charlie falls for Nick who is an 11th grader, Nick Some how persuades Charlie to join the Rugby Team and that’s the start of the Friendship, or Will this friendship leads to something..

This book was more like a time-travelling machine to me. It took me to my teens when I realized that the girl I had fallen for also feels the same for me!! That surreal happiness that feelings or snowfall in your underbelly Everything was relieved when Nick also started feeling the same for Charlie!!

It also didn’t disappoint me in educating me about the community a little more. To be honest, it was nothing new but for the first time I got to know in a person’s POV, I knew what lesbians, Gay or Even a transgender person feel, But this is the first time I am reading something where someone trying to understand or figure out their sexual orientation is and that was like a good learning experience to me.
The Struggle Nick Feels with understanding himself and making the world understand about him! This is something to look out for. Yes there are Characters who are not good with acceptance, and you feel like hitting them, but again that’s maybe my issue.
And let me remind you all these are conveyed over brilliant artwork, so big kudos to the artist!!

So overall it was an awesome experience, Now I really cannot wait to pick up Volume 3 to know what new challenge Nick and Charlie are going to overcome this time!

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  1. I always wondered about how a LGBTQ person recognise themselves. It is tough to accept it to themselves first and then to the world. Your review says that the book is based on this recognition. Glad that you shared it over here.


  2. LGBTQ I do support them as after all, it’s their choice in life whom to like and live life with. Recognition is very important and when a book is on such a topic I will love to add it in my TBR


  3. Love is love and it is important we accept those who may be different in their preferences and orientation. I like that you describe your personal experience and see it reflected in the character of the book. Thanks for this review.


  4. I was looking for a good book on LGBTQ. This seems an interesting one to start with. Thank you for sharing


  5. I found it is a graphic novel at the top you wrote. Ahhh!!! This will take first place in my tbr list. I am looking for graphic novels for last few months but can’t have one as I have little knowledge on these and also the theme of the book is awesome.❤️

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  6. I was planning to read the Heartstopper series last year. But Red, White & Royal Blue came as a surprise so I left the series without reading it. Hopefully will be able to get back to that series soon.

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  7. I am dying to read it and I even have the book but always had doubts on whether I should or should not read it. I will try very soon. Great post🤗🤗.


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