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Book #6 Here!!

Name : HEARTSTOPPER (Volume 1)

Author: Alice Oseman

Genre: Romance, Graphics Novel, LGBTQ+ etc

“Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. An LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between.”

Alice Oseman was someone who I didn’t know before stumbling upon this masterpiece, now that I have, there is no stopping me.

Our story revolves around Charlie, a 10th grader, having his own journey after coming out as gay and then being used by someone and the meets Nick, a handsome rugby player in 11th grade and Charlie falling for Nick. That’s our Book

Being a Graphic Novel, I am a Superhero Comic Book reader too, hence this didn’t take me by surprise but, having said the emotions depicted in this book is tremendously awesome. 

Characters are some talking point in a book like this, Charlie is so very well Depicted, If you have a few emotions inside you, then you will feel what Charlie is Feeling and you will definitely feel happy when he is happy you will feel sorry when he is sad etc, Other Characters be it Charlie’s friends or for that matter, even Nick’s Dog Neelie is also very well Depicted that you feel connected to each and every living beings in the Book.

Art is the next main thing that someone talks about when it comes to a graphic novel. And here I am Speechless, I mean being a superhero Comic book reader, this was a very new experience for the first time I saw a character and grown with them.

The next thing this book talked about is, this book has educated me about the Community. If you need a quick read about a cute teenage Crush about a Boy Falling for a Boy this is the book. Please Keep an on this space my thoughts on the next volumes are coming.

22 thoughts on “HEARTSTOPPER (Volume-1)

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  1. Very true. LGBTQ is a sensitive topic and they have to fight for themselves since the day they were born. Such stories help in recognising the problems and can help somebody in improving their mind set.


  2. Good to see that you beautifully presented the review of the book which is on a very sensitive topic. Such stories will help many to understand the ups and downs in the lives of the LGBTQ


  3. I have been pushing this book in my TBR and I am quite interested in it so I think I will pick it up after seeing your detailed review. Great post🤗🤗.


  4. This is always a controversial topic and the LGBTQ+ community have to deal with a lot of hardships and discrimination. Many people are not aware of their struggles. It’s good that books like these help us to understand from their perspective and be more accepting.


  5. I still haven’t read much of books on LGBTQ . The struggles they face in the society goes unnoticed. I think more books like this would help us understand them better. .


  6. I have heard about this book a lot but never really got to it, I suppose it is time to take note of the signs and pick a copy. Thanks for the wonderful review


  7. A very new kind of book to me. I really need good deal of recommendations. And this is what now making me die for it. Adding it to my tbr list. I really get stunned how much you are proficient! Amazing experience for me. ❤️


  8. Yes Please and Believe me as this is graphic novel you will finish this in no time and will definitely start the next volumes, because I had did the same!!!


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