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Six Year Old These Days..

Many times you come across people whom you never intend to make teachers… but their footprints are left behind… and we learn lessons unnoticed…

Yesterday I had been out for a walk… the gentle breeze of the evening was pretty mesmerising. I had reached the city park… a joyful place to spend time… children playing. Birds singing. Elders talking… etc

A conversation between two kids kept me stand at awe…They were playing around in the park. As by appearance, they didn’t look a day old than 6-year-old. They had a comic sort of book … which contains many stories at the start they discussing it … suddenly one shouts out of curiosity… hey look…. it’s Jesus… Another says this is Krishna, Vishnu, Ganesha, Mahadev, Hanuman, Durga, Budha and it also contain the picture of Meca and the moon…..

As I don’t know them let’s just Name them Kid 1 and Kid 2

Kid 1 asks. “Tell me why do your gods have a number of hands”?

Kid 2 replies… “It’s very simple my dear. Our dads are  strong with their two hands… they say God s much stronger. That’s why he has n number of hands”

And then Kid 2 says… “My teacher said our parents are our god”.

Kid 1: “my teacher also said that”

Kid 2: “you know parents of your god??”

Kid 1: “yes and you?”

Kid 2: yes… then why are we taught to worship gods and not their parents??

Kid 1: you are right… let’s go and ask mom… And they run for the answer…

What their mom replies doesn’t matter… it matters Is the thought of these 6-year-olds… They ask why not worship parents … exactly… let’s worship our parents… and see God will be pleased. Our worship to mankind s the sole way to worship God… God never asks for any blind faith in him… he just want us to have faith in ourselves our parents and teachers… Help the needy whenever possible… The kids were indirectly questioning our blind faith…Think about it….

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