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Her beautiful eyes….

Train journey has never been such beautiful. All thanks to her beautiful eyes. It was a crowded train. A bhajan group who were busy praising Durga Maa occupied most of the seats. And they were so loud that even Linkin Park from my head phone lost to them. I was standing amidst them with no place to sit. The train reached next station. A guy from the bhajan group got down. I occupied his seat. I took out Da-Vinci from my bag.The bhajan group was not to give up, they started a brand new Sai Baba bhajan. And the fate ordered Da-Vinci to march back to its den. Closing my eyes, I distanced myself from all the ongoings. A stamp on my foot woke me up to witness her beautiful eyes. I could only see her eyes as she was in a burkha. Twice she blinked her priced possession…but said nothing. A lady next to her said, “Bhaisab…ladies ko bhaitne do naa!”(“excuse me let the ladies sit”)And the next moment owner of that beautiful eyes and myself exchanged our places. I couldn’t look elsewhere but her mesmerizing eyes. Her mother catching me in the crime struck me. But my two bastards were uncontrollable. End of Sai Baba regime. Now it was a Krishna bhajan. Unlike earlier bhajans, this was a soft melodious one.Why didn’t they sing this before…at-least I would have completed a chapter of Da-Vinci! My eyes rolled back to hers. To my surprise, her eyes were already fixed on mine. This is impossible!But all this below listed questions were already fucking my brain: 1. Did she actually look at me? 2. Or was it just my infatuation? 3. If she was looking at me, does that mean she was responding to my ugly stares? 4. Or was that a warning which stated “The next time you do that…I assure those lollipops would be pulled out of your socket! ”5. Do I know her? I gave her another glance. Oh, my GOD! Her Beautiful Eyes were pounced on mine. More and more questions lined up and intrigued me. But then I thought…Who gives a damn…let me enjoy this moment! We continued staring each other. Not even once she blinked her eyes. ‘Doesn’t it strain her?’… I said to myself. I excused myself just to make sure her mother is not sensing this. Thank you, Bhagwan…or…Allah(on her behalf)…she was no-were in the scene. And I was back in action. Her eyes were fixed stone cold on mine. A strange feeling entered me….it wasn’t HAPPINESS…it wasn’t SORROW…I don’t think anyone has named it yet. Her mesmerizing eyes were hypnotizing me. And the Krishna bhajan playing in the backdrop was adding beauty to this scene. I gave her a smile that I was not proud of. She didn’t smile back but was still staring at me. The train was slowing down as it was approaching Matunga station. My Heart beat grew faster. What do I do next?….slip my phone no. in a paper piece…ask her out for her number…or should I just do nothing…or…!“Ammi…station pahucha kya?”(“mom…has the station arrived?”) she asked.“Haan beti…abi pahuchega”…(” yes my dear it will now”) her mother responded placing her hands on her daughters shoulder,“Bhai sab…thoda jaga dena….ladki ko dikai nahi deta”… (excuse me.. could you please step aside..this girl is blind”) was her next sentence which left me completely dumb struck for the next few mins. Her mother helped her rise and they both left hand-in-hand. I struggled to find breath…I struggled to believe the last lines said by her mother. I tried to peep out of the window for the last glance…but to no avail. By the time, the Krishna Bhajan also came to a halt. That was the last time I saw her…her beautiful eyes…I realized she was lost…and lost forever…………………………………­……………………………!

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