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Friendship to Love..

I: Friendship……

A  new at the class,
I was a bit worried,
The test of novel friendship, would I pass?
Thinking this, to my seat, I hurried.

At class, a cute, sweet and loving girl I met with,
I could hear my heart beating faster than ever!
The 12 year old boy mistook the feeling for friendship,
Realizing years later as it to be the love fever!

Bond increased between us,
Best Friends forever laid ,
I never knew that I loved her, inviting thus,
A new girl to my life,but never letting the “friend’s” figure fade.

And then I perceived,
This restlessness was nothing but love.

II: Love….

Past six years, now an adult,
We were friends withstanding,
I decided to unfold those unsaid feelings, damn the result,
But got defended by misunderstanding.

Yet another girl came in between,
Creating a mess around us ,
I lost her and remained unseen,
Was the love within us.

And now, she has a man in her life,
But it hurt when it dawned on me,
That she too wished to be my fife,
But the friendship losing fear made her flee.

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