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Dev Vrat and Noble Ghost!

Book #13 of 2021

Book: Dev Vrat And Noble Ghost

Author: Dr Sanjay Sharma

Genre: Children’s Adventure, Sci-fi Thriller For Kids.

Those days, when we run from our schools to reach home as soon as possible so that we don’t miss our favourite shows or animated shows, those good old golden days, That’s What I Felt after reading this book.

Dr Sanjay Sharma had penned a short little children’s adventure, which deals with a boy called Dev Vrat who has some Special abilities by birth.And it also deals with an otherworldly creature, a Noble Ghost!

How did he possess those special abilities, How that special abilities help him, How he uses those to help society, How that noble Ghost Help him, How otherworldly people affect this world???, To find the answer to all these questions you have to read this book.

Now Coming to writing, this is a book which is directed toward kids who have just started reading, thus for that, it is a very good read, and this is a perfect book to read to your kids as a bedtime story. But Yes there are some serious flaws in writing style, but as I said it can be neglected.

Characters are something this book needs to work upon, even though there is a handful of characters but we couldn’t feel connected to them, so I think if they would have been developed well then it would have been much nice

Editing is another part that really needs to work upon, But I think If this was a Graphic Novel or a Comic Book Strip, then it would have been fantastic

So Small Story Short, It is Good reads for the targeted audience and I think you should give it a try for your younger cousin or siblings, or for a cute little bedtime storytime with your honeybuns.

8 thoughts on “Dev Vrat and Noble Ghost!

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  1. Good to see one like me who loves reading children-centric books or in short we can say children’s books. It’s really difficult to get to that level of kids and review a book. Appreciate your talent

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  2. True. Kids need to read as mich as they can and in the current situation they are at home and reading is the best thing that they can do. I am glad that you reviwed this book, I will surely recommend it to my niece.

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  3. Go ahead!!! If your niece is little bit enthusiastic or curious type…she will definitely try to find out ..aryan world…is it real or not!! Such questions!!!


  4. Sounds like a very interesting book for curious kids! I would like to write a similar kind of book some day. It’s so important to provide kids with these kinds of books.

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  5. Children’s books are actually not meant for children, it can be read by every age group. I love to read children’s books.


  6. I think today I got a different kind of satisfaction. You made my childhood come alive with the childhood shows and all. Also this author is new to me a good combination of read for me.❤️


  7. I love to read children’s books… they are very interesting… thank you for the recommendation… I want to check this out…


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